About Us

ALCEF – Aunt Lizzy’s Christian Educational Foundation –is the mother of two institutions,


ALCEF RIVIERA AMUSEMENT PARK and ALCEF SCHOOL. They are both located in the town of Limbe, Cameroon -West Africa; the school is right inside the well-known, beautiful Botanic Garden with the mighty Atlantic ocean as its “neighbour”, and the park is on the left of the main road that leads down into the town from the area known as Mile Four.


The Promoter of AUNT LIZZY’S CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (ALCEF) Mrs Ebob Evenye MBIWAN TANYI, named the Foundation in honour of her mother, Mrs Elizabeth Efeti MBIWAN née MBONGO known by all as “Aunty Lizzy,” a gracious, upright and courageous Christian woman.

She lived a life of service, almost from the word “go”. She started out working as a young girl with the missionaries who came to spread the Word of God in her native Victoria, and rounded off her active life as a selfless teacher and Head Mistress, giving her all to make sure that the children who were put in her care received nothing but the best.

ALCEF’S Promoter dreams of walking in her mother’s footsteps, and prays that she too may leave a legacy that posterity can be proud of.