The Promoter of ALCEF, a "PLEG" teacher with a Masters in Education from the University of Manchester in England and a 38-year long career at the time of writing this in December 2017, embarked upon the ALCEF project with the firm conviction that many of our nation's socio-political and economic problems stem from major loopholes in the quality of education that its children receive.

She believes that the absence of a solid grounding in the right values alongside conventional education, is largely responsible for the present generation of opinion leaders, nation builders and decision makers who are greatly wanting in patriotism, discipline and respect for public property.

ALCEF therefore has as its main objective – through both the School and the Park – to bring in and dispense the highest quality day care, nursery, primary and eventually secondary education that is currently available on the international scene. It will do this with emphasis on the acquisition of the sort of Christian values that will make all ALCEF graduates, well-behaved, competent and morally upright citizens of this nation and beyond. At the Park, it will accomplish a similar objective by providing the kind of play structures and clean, enabling environment that create well-rounded, self-confident citizens of the world.

The School is fully bilingual - teaching every child, all subjects in both the English and French languages - thus endowing all its pupils with the ability to cope with further education at secondary and tertiary level in the English or French languages within the nation of Cameroon and internationally.

The focus of its educational policy will always be to provide conventional, standard knowledge as prescribed in existing, ministerial recommendations for school programmes adapted to the current national and international job market, along with a strong emphasis on all-roundedness, and a solid background in the notions of civic responsibility, patriotism, human rights awareness, and good morals.

ALCEF pledges, with GOD being their Helper, to do their utmost to maintain and build on this vision, and keep the highest possible standards in this, their chosen domain.


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